Leatherhead AHEAD - Direction Signs
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Map/Aerial photo

Introduction These pages, which are in development, are provided as a record of the road and street signs for those approaching Leatherhead and in the town. We hope this will assist in any discussions about improving access to the town centre. If any signs have changed or we have missed some from these pages, please let the editor know - or even better, provide an improved or usable image, but please take care!

Approaching the Plough roundabout
Approaching clockwise M25 interchange J9
Approaching anti-clockwise M25 interchange J9
Approaching the Knoll roundabout
Approaching the Reigate Road roundabout
Approaching the Givons Grove roundabout
Approaching the Bockett Farm roundabout

SCC link to report problems with road signs on the page select S and find the various report links for sign problems

One way system
High Street and Swan Centre
Crescent and to the Theatre (part of Church St)

Town Centre via Epsom Road B2122
Town Centre via Dorking Road B2450
Town Centre via A245/Randalls Road
Town Centre via Kingston Road/B2430 (part)
Waterworks roundabout

updated 21 May 2004