Leatherhead AHEAD - making your voice heard

You will have your own views about what is best for Leatherhead. We hope that the information on this website is interesting and useful to you and that you will return from time to time to get updates (or you can use the email reminder service on our What's New? page).

Whatever your views it is important that the local community makes itself heard. Councillors and others are expected to take note of genuine correspondence - the more who make their point the bigger the impact.

If you wish to copy to us what you are saying to them, or to comment on Leatherhead AHEAD's stance, please feel free to do so.

To make your views known you may wish to write to, or to email, some of the following:

Mole Valley's MP Leatherhead Town Centre Manager BBC Southern Counties Radio
Surrey County Councillors Leatherhead Advertiser County Sound
Mole Valley District Councillors Surrey Advertiser Mercury FM
    The Eagle
    Radio Jackie