Leatherhead AHEAD - Other views
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last updated 1 May 2004

Apart from Mole Valley District Council and Surrey County Council those with views on Leatherhead - here we list those involved with the Whitelegg Report consultations - include:

The Bookhams Residents' Association
Leatherhead Chamber of Commerce
Leatherhead and District
Countryside Protection Society
Leatherhead Community Association
The Leatherhead Society
Mole Valley Access Group
Leatherhead Town Centre Forum

This page enables visitors to our website to learn of the views of other interested parties (not all of which may agree with those held by Leatherhead AHEAD). All we ask is that you make up your own mind, having also looked at what we say in Our Case and What's New?

2004 March: Surrey County Council's response to our review of the Phase 2 works.

2003 MVDC Case Study 14* which lead to our press release CABE puts the record straight

Oct 2002 Councillor Heather Ward's Vision for Leatherhead - Councillor Ward (Leatherhead North) lives in Leatherhead and is a past Chairman of MVDC.

29 Apr 2002 MVDC/SCC leaflet distributed at the Leatherhead AHEAD meeting at The Theatre