The Constitution of the Group known as
Leatherhead AHEAD

1.0 Title
1.1 The name of the Group is Leatherhead AHEAD.

2.0 Aims and objectives
2.1 To operate as an action group to influence the development and commercial viability of Leatherhead.

3.0 Supporters
3.1 The group shall consist of an unlimited number of Supporters.

3.2 A Supporter shall be any person aged 18 years or over who generally supports the aims and objectives of the Group.

4.0 Executive Committee
4.1 The affairs of Leatherhead AHEAD shall be managed by an Executive Committee.

4.2 The Executive Committee shall meet from time to time as is deemed necessary and the Chairman or Secretary shall notify Executive Committee members of the time and place of the meeting. Not less than three members of the Committee shall form a quorum.

4.3 The Executive Committee shall consist of the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Press Relations Officer and not more than six other Supporters elected at the Annual General Meeting.

4.4 Five Supporters shall form a quorum for General Meetings of the Group, of whom at least two shall be Members of the Executive Committee.

5.0 Receipts and Payments
5.1 A banking account shall be maintained in the name of Leatherhead AHEAD into which all monies shall be paid and from which withdrawals shall be made.

5.2 Withdrawals shall be made only upon the signatures of any two members of the Executive Committee.

6.0 AGM proceedings
6.1 The Annual General Meeting of Leatherhead AHEAD shall where practicable be held no later than 30 April* each year for the following purposes:

6.1.1 To receive the Executive Committee’s report on the preceding year’s activities.
6.1.2 To receive the audited statement of accounts in respect of the preceding year.
6.1.3 To elect Officers and Executive Committee Members, as defined in rule 4.3.
6.1.4 To appoint an Honorary Auditor.
6.1.5 To transact any other business.

7.0 Auditors
7.1 An Honorary Auditor shall be appointed annually at the AGM to audit the accounts.

7.2 The Honorary Auditor shall not be a member of the Executive Committee of Leatherhead AHEAD.

8.0 Winding up
8.1 In the event of Leatherhead AHEAD being wound up, the funds and assets thereof shall be disposed of as determined at an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Supporters.

8.2 Notice of such an Extraordinary General Meeting of Supporters shall be widely published to ensure that as many Supporters as practicable are aware of its purposes. A suitable venue shall be chosen for such a meeting.

* as amended at the 2nd AGM, 12th March 2004

version date 12 March 2004